Our core business is your business. We strive not only to be your trustworthy coffee supplier, but also acts as a partner to support your business growth. Learn more about our wholesale business practices here.

Our services

Business Growth Consultancy

When you do business with us, we don’t stop at the deliveries. Understanding your unique circumstances in order to support your business growth is an essential part of our wholesale practices, to make sure we grow together and create a sustainable and profitable future for your company.

Training & Assessment

One of our mission is to give access to education and training throughout the countries, and one of the main channel to do that is through our wholesale clients. Our training division will make sure your barista have a proper fundamental knowledge about coffee, starting from the history, roasting processes, brewing techniques, equipment maintenance and customer service skills that comes with the profession.

Online Ordering System

To ensure your orders are on track we have partner up with an online application company that allows you to purchase directly through the system and...

Sustainability Practices

Based in lush island of Bali, we believed that our connection with mother earth must be maintained.

Brand Support & Collaborations

To build a stronger relationship with our wholesale customer, we offers a branding support according to your unique necessities from providing variety of point of sales or going in-depth by crafting a collaboration work that will help attract a broader audiences.

Equipment Support

Partnering up with Indonesia’s most prominent coffee equipment company Toffin, we will assist you in finding the right machinery for your business. Conducting trainings on how to handle and maintain them, while assuring you will obtain the best possible deal


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